Unique to the region, The New Pittsburgh Collaborative (NPC) is a coalition of diverse, civically-engaged, young-minded organizations. We encourage regional progress through sharing information, pooling resources, facilitating dialogue and providing access.

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Design Our Future - Updates and Materials!

On Saturday, November 9, the NPC welcomed over 60 attendees representing over 40 organizations participated in the event.

During Part I, small groups were tasked with coming up with five responses to the following prompt:

"Young professionals can collaborate and work together to address the following opportunities and challenges in our region:"

Over 300 ideas were refined into over 40 opportunities and challenges.

During Part II, participants were challenged to locate some 40 items as "short-term" (1-3 years), "medium-term" (4-7 years), and "long-term" (8-10 years) priorities.

The attached materials show these priorities both as a list and as a color-coded "bullseye" that help contextualize the priority time frame.

As a result, the NPC has gathered and considered all of the responses and decided to take on the following three "issue areas" for 2014 and 2015.

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
  • Public Policy and Leadership
  • Start-ups, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in partnering with the NPC on any of the three issue areas listed above, feel free to contact the NPC leadership team at npcannouce@gmail.com!

Stay tuned for more updates!


The NPC provides a unique value to the Pittsburgh region by being the only collaboration of regional organizations dedicated to:

  • Being a central point of access and communication to and for young adult organizations across the region.
  • Promoting and supporting member organizations to the region-at-large and leveraging resources by facilitating partnerships among them.
  • Providing regional leadership opportunities, experiences and networking connections to young adults to better affect regional change and progress.

By doing so, the NPC continually builds and strengthens a broad, dynamic network that connects young professionals to community and regional development initiatives throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.


Thanks to the Hillman Foundation, The Sprout Fund, Allegheny County, and Councilman Bill Peduto for their support.